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A Certain „Angelo Becciu“ Denies on Twitter Coccopalmerio’s Gay Party

The Twitter-Account “Angelo Becciu” (October 11) denied a report according to which Cardinal Coccopalmerio was present at the famous 2017 Vatican gay and drug party thrown by his secretary.

The "Angelo Becciu" Twitter account created in 2012 remained dormant for most of the time. Marco Tosatti believes without giving a clear proof that it belongs to Cardinal Angelo Becciu, a Bergoglio apologist and former second man in the Vatican Secretariat of State.

“Angelo Becciu” calls the news about Coccopalmerio “unfounded” [but not “untrue”] adding that he (Becciu) informed Coccopalmerio about the arrest of his secretary [which could be true as Coccopalmerio was told by the police to leave before arrests were made].

Becciu further claims that the secretary was “not arrested during an elusive party” but in the courtyard of the building of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith where the party took place. [He may have tried to escape].

Cardinal Becciu is known for doing Francis' “dirty work”, for instance, when he replaced Cardinal Burke at the Order of Malta, shut down the Vatican financial reform, or publicly attacked Dominican Father Giovanni Cavalcoli.

Although the news about the Vatican drug and gay party broke a year ago, the loquacious Vatican never bothered commenting on it.

Picture: Angelo Becciu, © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQjlrxllqxp
la verdad prevalece
If this sect has been willing to desecrate their own bodies with the vice of sodomy, adding another sin lying does not mean anything to them because they have lost their faith. At this point these impostors, Sodomite concealers, have lost all credibility.
Why covering up sin ?