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Bishop Wants to “Save Christianity From Catholicism”

Bishop Antonio Staglianò of Noto, Sicily, intends to create a “Pop Christology” [English in the original] as a bywork to the ongoing Youth Synod.

The Noto diocesan newspaper wrote (September 18) that through this Staglianó intends to propose to the young people a “new image of Jesus” which is “free of conventional Catholicism”, “freed from the 'masks' of religion” and “restored to its truth”.

Quoting the Communist singer Fabrizio De Andrè (+1999), Staglianó said that he "wanted to save Christianity from Catholicism" and that the proclamation of the Church needs to be "modernised" in order to show “the true faith of Jesus Christ, not the violent one of religion but the one of the Christian faith which reveals the mercy of the Father."

Staglianò is an accomplished guitar player and singer who performs during Mass commercial pop songs. He calls this “Pop Theology”.

Picture: Antonio Staglianò, #newsBhdlcdjfqr
alex j
There is only one " Saviour! "...and it ain't him.
show “the true faith of Jesus Christ".

Another queer, and like Pope St Pius V suggested, hang em after a fair trial.
Truth is substance, Truth is essence of God‟s Love, Truth is Life. The rest is only appearance. It is not a lasting truth, but a truth made of compromises, a personal truth, a relative truth, which powerful men make and change as they please, making believe all what from time to time suits them better.
What is modernized church ?? THe Word of the Lord Jesus is the same yesterday today and tomorrow thats what these bishops should be teaching ,everybody is interested in Truth ,not a washed off Gospel .The Truth will set you free ,dont listen to those who tell you other wise
In saner days without the smog
A man like this the Church would flog

Upon his strings the bore doth strum
His silly songs with words so dumb
Good bye old man your stinking fruit
Would rot the strings of any lute!
Official "Catholic" Christology is already free from anything Catholic since the first is now deeply rooted in Spirit Christology. Spirit Christology may be identified as the old heresy of Dynamic Monarchianism and where it is not strait forwardly anti-Trinitarian, it may be just called warmed up Nestorianism, though it's Trinity may not be called one. Just have a look at Cardinal Walter … More
Well WE want to save Catholicism from HIM!
It's easy: this one is a Tirant-Mason...