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Francis: A Real "Schism" Is Under Way - But Only In Politics

Humanity encounters "serious difficulties", writes Pope Francis in a letter to the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life (dated January 6).

According to Francis, the cleavage between the "obsession for one's own wellbeing" and the "shared happiness of humanity" seems to become deeper to the point that one may think, "that between the individual and the human community a real schism is underway."

The term "schism" has primarily a religious connotation, meaning a breakaway from the Church. By using it in a political context, Francis seems to trivialize the term.

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@mamecc - well stated! This all occurred prior to VII Council when the "liturgical reformers" started to modify the liturgy and slowly introduce a protestant schema. They removed the structure of the Old Rite and setup the liturgy as a symbolic memorial of the Last Supper. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was destroyed. This is where the real Schism occurred.
Marie Julie Jahenny - who has not been canonised due to the accurate, fulfilled prophecies Heaven gave her, relating to our heathen clergy, and superimposed modern false-church, stated in 1902 that Our Lord gave us due warning l that a "New Mass" containing words "Odious" to His ears would be created by those enemies who were "not of His Gospel" .... It is a well-known clearly fulfilled Prophecy,… More
... and this is all part of a strategic scheme .. the word "schism" has to be banalized and not taken seriously so that when the real " schism" flares up and erupts, all will take it as not being to serious, as a grain of salt, and not see the real signification, consequences and grave outcome it's going to be poured down on the Catholic Church, and the whole world .. a disintegration of … More
Jim Dorchak
Only in Politics? Well THE POPE should NOT care about politics... only souls and their SALVATION!
So where is the schism again?