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Why Pope Francis Did not Call Himself Jesus II

In his interview book with Dominique Wolton, Pope Francis says jokingly about the Argentineans, "You know what is the best deal? You buy an Argentinean for his value and resell him at the price he believes he is worth." Francis also jokes about himself, "Look how humble this pope is, although he is an Argentinean, he called himself Francis and not Jesus II".

Picture: © DonkeyHotey, Flickr, CC BY, #newsJdclhvpvnf

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Ahhh his true colours are showing! Maybe this is why he refuses to kneel before our Eucharistic Lord?
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In his "humour" maybe his true feelings come out, that he is the most radical leader since Christ and has fully intended changing Our Lord Jesus teachings to suit his belief's. as it goes he thinks if he were God that this is what he would make the way, so he ATTEMPS to changes Gods laws to suit what he believes, therefore he believes he is God