Syncretistic Announcement: First Mass In Paris Cathedral

The first mass after the devastating April fire was celebrated in Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral on June 15 by Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit.

June 15 is the feast of the dedication of Notre Dame.

The Archbishop and the concelebrants wore construction helmets. Only Aupetit removed it during consecration (video below).

According to an announcement of the archdiocese, the Mass was celebrated in order to say "that Notre-Dame de Paris is above all... a church, a place of faith, prayer, encounters, a place of gratuitousness, a place open to all, believers or non-believers, Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists..."

Two month after the fire only 9% (80 million) of the pledges made for the reconstruction of the cathedral have effectively been paid.


Mark 8:
35 For whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.
Trying to look ridiculous in the sanctuary, while wearing Catholic vestments is done on purpose. It's all part of the deconstruction.

These are all simpletons and buffoons. But they are also, wittingly or no, the tools of the enemy.
Oh yea those holy helmets will protect them.... no problem....
I guess that you need the helmets in the NO mass since it is so dangerous. Wonder if they have aluminum foil under the hats?
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A masonic temple? Let that place collapse.
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Construction helmets ! what an exciting Nervous Odor enhancement; the celebration of togetherness gets even more meaningful !!!! /sarc/