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Youth Synod Opening Mass: No Communion in the Hand

At the opening mass of the Youth Synod (October 3), Holy Communion was distributed on the tongue only.

Twitter User “Catholic Sat” reports that Monsignor Guido Marini, the Pontifical Master of Ceremonies, advised the priests not give Communion in the hand under any circumstances.

The TV broadcast of the mass showed how a woman tried to snatch Communion but the priest dodged her. Immediately after the incident the camera moved back to the altar.


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@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis The so-called New Order of Mass is the worst, although the Mass by the end of the sixties before the NOM, was grievously mutilated with a badly translated Canon (offering the Sacrifice for All rather than many as Pro Multum indicates). A transitional or normative Mass with Communion in the hand, probably already happened in the Low Countries and Germany.
Francis is attempting to obfuscate and take attention away from the widespread homo / pedophilia epidemic in the church, much like Bill Clinton did, when he bombed an asprin factory to take the heat off himself with his concubine Monica Lewinsky! mentioned this post in Francis Underway With Diabolic "Ferula".
@HerzMariae how about the ruining of the Mass? VII didnt suggest a new Mass, PVI wanted it...after that horror communion on the hand is mere piffle
One of the greatest mistakes of the pontificate of Blessed Paul VI was his caving into the Belgian, Dutch, French, and German bishops' conferences and permitting Communion in the hand.
Poor Msgr Guido Marini doing the best he can in the most worst circumstances he’s in. When I serve Mass there’s people who try to ‘snatch’ but Father and I have a good routine. We both withdraw, and try again. I ONLY hold the communion card under the chin, over any extended hands. And father gives communion on the tongue, as it should be.
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