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President Abraham Lincoln - the War Criminal

By the great Paul Craig Roberts

Frustrated by the inability of the Union Army to defeat the Army of Northern Virginia led by West Point graduate Robert E. Lee, Lincoln resorted to war criminals.

Generals Sherman and Sherridan, operating under the drunken General Grant, were the first modern war criminals who conducted war against civilian women and children, their homes and food supply.

Lincoln was so out of step with common morality that he had to arrest and detain 300 Northern newspaper editors and exile a US Congressman in order to conduct his War for Empire.

Today this history is largely erased. The court historians buried the truth with the fable that Lincoln went to war to free the slaves. This nonsense is today the official history of the “civil war,” which most certainly was not a civil war.

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Dr Bobus
A lot of rhetoric by Roberts and only partly correct.

1. It is true that Lee was a West Point grad, but so were Grant, Sheridan, Shermanand most if not all the generals in the Civil war. He seems unaware that Pompeo is also a West point grad--#1 in his class.

2. There were two fathers of Total War. Napoleon and Sherman. Sherman was strong intelllectally but also a depressive. He married a … More
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It's ok regarding the war threats and all that. But what he says about the Confederacy, that it had seceded by expressing the will to do it alone, is very wrong, states aren't clubs whose membership is strictly voluntary... Read The Anerican Republic, by Orestes Brownson: excellent!!!!
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