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Gay Ideologist Admits: Francis Chooses Pro Gay Prelates

Pope Francis chooses "gay-friendly" prelates, the homosexual propagandist, Father James Martin, conceded in a November 3 talk in Washington D.C. Martin himself was nominated by Francis as a Vatican consultant.

According to, Martin mentioned as an example Newark pro-gay Cardinal Tobin, a protégé of the homosexual abuser, Cardinal McCarrick. Tobin is feared to succeed Cardinal Wuerl in Washington.

Martin acknowledged that, since the election of Francis, “things are changing” [meaning that the gay infiltration into the Church is progressing]. He adds that Francis has "gay friends”.

All churches who have embarked into homosexual ideology are on the verge of extinction. Homosexual fornication is among the four sins crying to heaven for vengeance.

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Martin ne se cache plus ; voir ici : Un aveu terrible, et pas par n'importe qui... Au moins les choses sont claires. Personne ne pourra dire qu'il ne savait pas.
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