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Pro-Gay Prelates Oppose Bishop Laun

Vienna Cardinal Schönborn and Salzburg Archbishop Lackner criticised Bishop Andreas Laun for having stated that gravely sinful things like gay pseudo-marriages, concentration camps or the Mafia …
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Schönborn is mad at Bishop Laun for defending the faith and not at Card Marx for destroying it
These bishops are wrong and should repent
Dr Bobus
@Tesa. What he wants is the path of least resistance. And he is a liar--I have personal experience of this.
The 'Gay Mafia' rides again!!! There are more active homosexuals in the Vatican than non.
Jim Dorchak
yes but he is so cute! Like a little hobbit ................. from hell.
@Dr Bobus Schönborn has a Backbone - e.g. for defending homosexualism. Only in the USA, Catholics think that he is a Catholic but cannot / doesn't as he wants. This is not true. He does what he wants.
Dr Bobus
Schonborn has the backbone of a jellyfish