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An Apostolic Visitation To The Kazakh Bishops?

There is concern that Pope Francis might send an Apostolic Visitation to the Kazakh Bishops who issued a “Profession of Truths” as a correction of Amoris Laetitia, Journalist Edward Pentin has learned.

Talking to EWTN (Janaury 5), Pentin expects that Francis will ignore the correction, at least in public,

“This has been the procedure so far, hoping that it will go away. The Dubia Cardinals were never really acknowledged for their initiative.”

Picture: Tomash Peta, Jan Pawel Lenga, Athanasius Schneider, © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsWbnsdsejnk

If the state of adultery is merely a matter of the subjective determination of conscience, why do the Buenos Aires guidelines insist that some invalidly cohabitating couples try to live as brother & sister?
The announcement of an apostolic visitation is one of the highest compliments for these Six princes of our Holy Mother Church
Maybe by some miracle they want to study actual Catholics living the faith.
Thanks be to God for faithful shepherds( Bishops Cardinals Priests) in these very difficult & dark days.
May God be praised in His faithful servants. ( God will be praised in His faithful servants)
"The 'Dubia' Cardinals were never really acknowledged for their initiative". Well, strictly speaking NO they were not. But keep in mind two of them suddenly ended up dead within a month of each other.
Edward Pentin is posting a lot of Vatican News and "Pope said this and that". Is his job payed by neo-conservative EWTN endangered?
Uncle Joe
I like the embedded video added to the news articles. Good idea.
What would the Angelic Doctor think of all this?