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Italian Church Imparts Confirmations to Pagans

Marco Tosatti published the letter of a catechist who was faced with a new class of confirmands in a parish in Northern Italy. After having noticed that the pupils knew almost nothing, he decided to …
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The title of this piece is wrong. If they are baptised they are not and cannot be pagans. They are 'ignorant' of their Faith but that does not make them pagans. One cannot validly receive the Sacrament of Confirmation without having validly received the Sacrament of Baptism and once one has validly received the latter one is not a pagan but a Christian even if one is completely ignorant of the … More
The powers that be of the, New World Order must be thrilled. 95% success rate! Way to go , Vatican II. By their fruits you shall know them.
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This reminds me of when Fr. Marcel Guarnizo was in our parish working with kids who didon't even believe in God! Sadly, he was chastised for dumping the canned program and going with proofs of God that challenged and engaged them. All of his Masses caused parking dilemas.
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