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Infanticide in Virginia: Two dig in their heels, one backs down

This week Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran introduced a bill that would have loosened restrictions on abortions through 9 months of pregnancy, including removing even minimal procedural standards. The bill was tabled.

Co-sponsor Delegate Dawn Adams, a nurse practitioner, withdrew her co-sponsorship, saying she did not read the bill before signing it.

Virgina Governor Ralph Northam, formerly a pediatrician, when questioned about the proposed bill allowing abortion up to birth, went on to describe what amounts to infanticide saying a baby born alive would be resuscitated, "if that's what the mother and family desired".

After intense pressure, it was expected Northam would back down in a press conference held the next day. Instead, he went to the Democrat talking points playbook, accusing those outraged of inserting politics between a woman's decision with her doctor.

The reality is, women are often pressured by their doctors to abort without being given information about life-affirming alternatives. Requirements, such as requiring two doctors' approval, are easy to get around. But a "get around" is not necessary because they are not regulated. The rules are never upheld.

The bill proposed by Tran and Adams would have removed the need for two doctors' approval, a requirement seemingly unknown to Northam. Perhaps he, like Adams, did not take the time to actually read the bill.
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The baby-killers grow more and more like their father, Satan, every day.
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