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Canadian Bishops Discussed Abolishing Celibacy

The Catholic bishops of Quebec have discussed abolishing celibacy during a conference in mid-March, reports the Catholic Herald (April 6).

According to Quebec Auxiliary Bishop Marc Pelchat, the bishops talked about ordaining married men of a certain age.

At the same time, Pelchat admitted that, in the last decade, there has been a significant decline in the demand for the sacraments in Canada, “The Church has become like a vestige of the past, destined to be marginalized.”

This is revealing of the liberal method to ruin the Church: First the liberals introduce destructive changes and, as a consequence, harvest rotten fruit. Then they use the rotten fruit to call for more destructive changes.

Picture: © Mazur,, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsMefksxbwdz
God`s cows and bulls ; maybe they breed a golden calf.
We need more priests and nuns and we need great parental examples. Allowing both groups (priests and nuns) to marry the opposite sex would solve both major problems with the Catholic church. We don't need more lesbian and homosexual examples or even the appearance of those lifestyle examples for our youth to follow.
The once Catholic bishops of Quebec must want to leave their occupation. They no longer like the company rules. Bon nuit gentlemen !