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German Bishops Use Ex-Priest to Spread Hatred Against Benedict XVI

German bishops' published on March 21 - the feast of Saint Benedict - an ugly piece against Benedict XVI written by the pro-gay journalist Joachim Frank, a lapsed priest.

He trashes Benedict’s private letter which last week was leaked and manipulated by the former Vatican media boss Monsignor Dario Viganò in order to give the impression of a “continuity” between Benedict and Francis.

Frank reveals in the article that he is personally “angry”. He vilifies Benedict XVI as "Panzerkardinal" [tank cardinal] accusing him of being "unbending" and “revengeful” because in the private letter he expressed reservations about the flamingly anti-Catholic German theologian Father Peter Hünermann whom Pope Francis has received in private audience in May 2015.

User comments on criticise the bishops’ webpage for the article which they call "acid-tongued" and “hateful”.

Picture: © Mazur,, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsEeufmgkjkx
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If they all would finally understand that without the grace of god
None would make a single move
Sunamis 46
God is stronger than the german bishops
God is stronger than the Vatican