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Vatican Wants To "Abolish" Reality Of Intrinsic Evil

The webpage of the controversial Pontifical Academy for Life published a reflection by Gerhard Höver, a retired liberal German theologian and a member of the Academy, about the term “intrinsically evil”.

Höver claims without convincing arguments that the term “intrinsically evil” is allegedly “outdated” and “too restricting”. Getting himself into contradictions he argues that there is “regularity” within “irregular” situations.

Edward Pentin sees Höver’s article as the latest attempt of a Vatican-appointed figure to raise questions about the Church’s teaching on intrinsically evil acts.

Höver’s theories are obviously wrong, otherwise one could, for instance, imagine that homosexual abuse or genocide (etc.) may in certain circumstances be "regular within an irregular situation."

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Dr Bobus
There are two points of attack by those who want to undermine malum intrinsicum

The first is the overemphasis of Intention (Cur) in the human act to the point of thinking that a good intention can make an evil act (Quid) good.

The Second is overemphasis on circumstances (Quando, Ubi, etc) to the point that evil acts are just a matter of wrong place or wrong time. This is little else than … More
Hover should focus more in vacum cleaners
Dr Bobus
No doubt Hitler denied intrinsic evil.
One of Benedict XVI's many great books is a small one on 'Conscience' that is well worth reading. He notes towards the beginning that the same kind of thinking was prevalent among some of colleagues when he was a young professor in Germany. These are not new ideas they have been festering away, left untreated, for years. I fear only cauterization will heal this wound.
Scott Smith denial of intrinsic evil certainly comes from contradicting present pope Benedict XVI. Nevertheless, popes are subservient to Gospel and 2000 year Tradition... not Francis and his Amoris...
You have way to much free time on your hands and don't know what to do with yourself. So you try to fix what does not need to be fixed and hope to bring attention to your self in order to feel important. What you need is penitential acts, acts of piety, and prayer and lots of it. Although I think this will never happen because your pride is to great due to your remiss in virtue.
Scott Smith
If you are interested, a Critical Review of Dr Gerhard Höver’s “Time is Greater than Space”. The denial of intrinsic evil comes not from following the Pope, but rather from contradicting him.…/time-is-greater…