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Irish Times Calls Three Cardinals To Be Removed from World Meeting of Families

The Irish Times wants the three pro-gay Cardinals Kevin Farrell, Donald Wuerl and Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga not to participate in the Dublin World Meeting of Families (August 22-26).

The newspaper refers to a group called "Ending Clergy Abuse" which said in a statement that these cardinals should be "investigated, not honoured" and claims that they have covered up for clergy who committed homosexual abuse.

Cardinal Farrell owes his clerical career to now-disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and, before, made a career in the Legion of Christ which was founded by the homosexual abuser Marcial Maciel. In both cases, Farrell told the media that he "never knew anything".

Cardinal Wuerl succeeded Washington Cardinal McCarrick around the time New Jersey dioceses were settling with McCarrick’s victims.

Cardinal Rodriguez protected for years his auxiliary bishop Juan Jose Pineda who was involved in homosexual scandals.

The three pro-gay cardinals will much likely suffer no harm because they are liberals and enjoy the protection of Pope Francis.

Further, the World Meeting of Families will officially promote gay ideology.

Picture: Kevin Farrell, Donald Wuerl, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga © wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsMtzgxqusrl
Resurrect 1917 Code of Canon Law (2359): “If [clerics] engage in a delict against the Sixth precept of the Decalogue with a minor below the age of sixteen, or engage in adultery, debauchery, bestiality, sodomy, pandering, [or] incest with blood-relatives or affines in the first degree, they are suspended, declared infamous, and are deprived of any office, benefice, dignity, responsibility if … More
Wuerl still headlining at World Meeting of Families. topic...
Lisi Sterndorfer
I find it hard to believe that Pope Francis would still have Cardinals O'Malley, Maradiaga, & Errazuriz in his council with them all embroiled in 'cover-up' scandals. mentioned this post in Surprise Announcement: Cardinal Will Not Attend World Meeting of Families.
This bishop still doesn't get it.
De Profundis
In order to believe Wuerl's claim that he knew nothing about McCarrick's misbehavior, one would have to swallow the following whoppers:

* that Wuerl never read psychotherapist Richard Sipe's accounts of McCarrick's gay predation, which go back at least a decade and were widely circulated on the internet (Sipe is well known to the American hierarchy)

* that the papal nuncio to the United States,… More
George Neumayr: "That Wuerl didn't know about the predations of his predecessor is about as likely as Harvey Weinstein's brother and business partner not knowing about the mogul's widely rumored misdeeds."
alex j
Can this be true.???? Pro abortion Ireland wanting 3 pro-gay prelates banned from participating in the conference, Meeting of Families. What rabbit hole is Ireland going down now?
Rarely could I agree with the Irish Times, but all three men are soiled goods.
Good for Irish Times.. We must all stand up. How do we unless we have the actually proof?... sometimes they just don't come out and say it. Or do we just pray in this sadness of times?