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Pope Francis Presides a "Bully-Boy Church"

The same day Father Thomas Weinandy published his letter to Pope Francis, the U.S. Bishops’ Conference sacked him as consultor.

British Father John Hunwicke comments on, “This cheap and vulgar ritual humiliation exemplifies the extent to which Pope Francis is presiding over a bully-boy Church in which midget bishops and minicardinals compete to defeat each other in the sycophancy stakes. Just as Tom Weinandy has, in effect, just said.”

Picture: John Hunwicke, #newsAgdocdufuq

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Jungerheld mentioned this post in Courageous Priests Tell Bishops: "Affirm Christ's Teaching".
Proof: if you challenge their new [dis]belief they respond w/ad hominem attacks.
Imagine if bishops moved this quickly to expel gays.
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paul grech
Bergoglio is not the pope. He excommunicated himself when he apostatised and became a heretic!
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The pope does not seem to want to listen or dialogue to anyone that contradicts him , what about coordinate a peaceful rosary demonstration from every continent in the world
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Father John Hunwicke - you make me SO PROUD to be British! God Bless you! Keep preaching. St John Fisher and Our Lady of Walsingham
Pray for us!
"Those who devalue doctrines of Church separate themselves from Jesus, author of truth. [They] conform to the world of sin and death."
It seems to me the swift response either indicates they anticipated the article or they are acting like puppets without thought. I cant imagine any bishop not choking back their joint response. Pope Francis himself ought to reinstate Fr Tom if his hand wasn't in it.
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All over the world, bishops and priests are reading the Weinandy letter and thinking: I wish I didn’t agree with this, but I do.
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To make Weinandy resign for one orthodox letter, just after praising ninetyfive Wittenberg theses.
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De Profundis
All heretical sects self-destruct, but begin with expelling Catholics, just as the Pharisees of old did.
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Francis church is a dictatorship that will brook no opposition.
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