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Colombia, Francis Does Not Kneel In Front Of His Master

On September 6, Pope Francis prayed in the chapel of the nunciature in Bogota, Colombia. CNN diffused a photo showing him in front of the tabernacle with a kneeler at his feet. But Francis is …
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paul grech
Where is the humility of the servant of the servants of God?
I pray he ether converts to the true faith, dies, or proclaims a heresy so we can all denounce him as a heretic and move on. At the moment he is just a VERY bad liberal Pope who is hurting the bride of Christ.
He doesn't genuflect when saying mass, either. Something is very wrong.
Well, it's hard to say what the problem is, but he can sure kneel on Holy Thursday to wash and kiss the feet of Muslims!! Just did that last Holy Thursday......AGAIN! So........???? Granted he sometimes has to have help, but, to walk IN FRONT of the kneeler as if it was in his way? I mean, I don't think a Pope....ANY POPE is on equal footing with The King of Kings!! Just my 2cents!
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Well, either he doesn't believe in the real presence or he thinks he is equal to or higher than God. Take your pick
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