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Cardinal Schönborn's Collusion With Vienna Gay Scene

The diocesan paper of Vienna's archdiocese “Sonntag” hails Gery Keszler (53), an HIV-positive gay activist and founder of the Vienna "Life Ball", one of the biggest gay events in Europe which critics also call "Death Ball".

Keszler tells the paper that he would be happy to welcome Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (72) at this years' Ball on June 10th. According to him “Life Ball and the Church have the same goals.” He is a personal friend of Schönborn. They meet for private dinners.

Only three years ago Schönborn described the controversial "Life Ball" as "desolate" saying: "Do we really want this, this pagan festival? Is it really what gives joy? Or do we not rather have to say that we feel sorry for people who celebrate these kinds of festivals.“

Picture: Schönborn on Pentecost 2014 in Salzburg, © Cornelius Inama, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsWqusjljwvi
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De Profundis
A diocesan newspaper as advertising media for gaypride-stuff. There must be already a lot of Sodom in the archdiocese of Vienna.