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Vienna: Why Was This Year's March for the Family Not Harassed by Left-Wing Criminals?

The Vienna March for the Family gathered over 400 people on June 16. On the same day, a "Gay Pride" promoting homosexual propaganda took place in the city.

The March for the Family asks for support of the family and a ban on abortion, gender ideology and sex-propaganda for children.

The difference between this year's March and those of the past years could not have been bigger.

All the years before, the March for the Family, although registered as required by the law, turned into a street battle because the police who was supposed to protect the March, allowed violent pro-gay and pro-abortion counter-protesters to approach the March and to harass its participants.

This year however, the police had no problems to keep the leftwing street rowdies at a secure distance. For the first time in nearly a decade the March for the Family was peaceful. has learned that this was due to an intervention by the new Austrian government which replaced the Socialist regime in December 2017 and is willing to restore the civil rights which the Socialists had taken away from the people.

The police is under the control of Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl who belongs to the Austrian Freedom Party.


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