adeste fideles

Why would Francis personally invite a Dissident Cardinal embroiled in a sex abuse scandal to the Synod?

September 16, 2015 -- Voice of the Family reported yesterday on the special appointments made by Francis to the Ordinary Synod on the Family to be held in Rome this October.

A significant number of the appointed prelates openly reject the teachings of the Catholic Church on questions relating to sexual ethics and the family.

The appointment most likely to cause scandal however must be that of Godfried Cardinal Danneels, Archbishop Emeritus of Mechlen-Brussels. Here are just some of the many questions that those concerned with the protection of children and the family will be asking in the light of Francis’s invitation to Cardinal Danneels to attend a synod supposedly called to find solutions to the problems facing the family.

adeste fideles
Christ said: Do not be afraid.
If this is true why Pope Francis do things like that ???? Why create confusion in the true Church of Jesus Christ Why Pope Francis ??? .i ask all Catholics to please pray for this Pope to keep the Church Dogma true to our Lord
St Turibio Romo
adeste fideles likes this.
Dr Bobus
Once again: The pope is a Jesuit Existentialist.

That means he prefers chaos and confusion to order and clarity.