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Roaming Gay Archbishop in the Vatican

Il Messaggero published on Sunday an article about an unnamed Vatican prelate, who belongs to an "important religious order", but is not able to control "his own desires in front of young men." Il Sismografo identifies the prelate as an archbishop.

According to Il Messaggero the archbishop leaves his apartment in the late afternoon and roams around Porta Sant'Anna, the main-entrance into the Vatican, in order to approach male tourists or even Italian soldiers, who guard the entrance.

Messaggero writes that the archbishop "is causing great embarrassment to the Pope", who has been informed about this months ago, but seems to have opted for a "don't judge" attitude regarding homosexuals.

There are not many archbishops in the Roman Curia who belong to a religious order.

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, aleteia, CC BY-SA , #newsGeprhihkhf