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German Bishops Publish Document Allowing Intercommunion – With Francis’ Approval

The German Bishops’ Conference published on June 27 their [heretical] 39 page pastoral guidance allowing Protestants in mixed marriages [and not] to receive Communion.

Cardinal elect Luis Ladaria, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, had rejected the document on May 25 and called it “not ready for publication".

According to a press release, Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx has stated at a meeting with Pope Francis that Ladaria’s letter “provides guidance and a framework for interpretation” [meaning: can be ignored].

The published “guidance” is labelled as being “not a document of the Bishops’ Conference” but “within the responsibility of the individual bishops as an aid to orientation”.

It writes that the topic should be “explored in greater detail”. The German bishops graciously “offer the Holy Father and the Roman Curia our assistance in this matter”.

Next on the list of the German bishops is distributing Communion to non Christians.

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Joseph a' Christian
Bergoglio hates Jesus.
Bergoglio ha convertido a las “Conferencias Episcopales” en "iglesias locales protestantes" donde cada uno hace su propia voluntad en rebelión contra la doctrina católica, esas seudoconferencias episcopales actúan de manera autónoma apoyadas por el heresiarca Bergoglio y están aboliendo la catolicidad y profanando los Sacramentos y se han unido a Bergoglio para conspirar contra las Leyes de … More
Well they have bought for themselves and many souls a pretty piece of land in hell... riiiighhhht hell doesn't exist... well they will believe when they get there Bishop F. Sheen, they will.
In the old days this was called schism.