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Pro-Gay Cardinal Lived In Same Apartment With Cardinal McCarrick

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 87, who is accused of having fondled seminarians and some minors, has been the big mentor of Cardinal Kevin Farrell, 70, the head of the Dicastery for Laity, Family [sic!] and Life.

McCarrick made Farrell an Washington auxiliary bishop in 2001.

The two liberal prelates even shared an apartment together with two priest secretaries, according to (October 2004).

[As Newark Archbishop (1986-2000) McCarrick hired Father Kenneth Martin, a homosexual abuser, as his personal secretary.]

In 2007 Farrell was promoted to Dallas. He even paid tribute to McCarrick in his coat of arms. According to Farrell’s explanation the lion in his coat of arms honours McCarrick and is taken from his coat of arms.

Farrell is pro-gay and in charge of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August which will be attended by Pope Francis.

This meeting spreads gay ideology, welcomes homosexual couples and features as keynote speaker the gay-propagandist, Jesuit Father James Martin.

Farrell is a fan of Father Martin’s gay-propaganda book “Building a Bridge”.

It is evident that everyone - including Farrell - knew about McCarrick’s homosexual problem.

Picture: Kevin Farrell, #newsHklnebhqay
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With all the scandals in the Church over the past 20 years, I wonder how Angelo Sodano has gone unscathed . . . since it seems like he's at the heart of a lot of them. A journalist who investigated would either win a Pulitzer or be found at the bottom of a lake somewhere.
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McCarrick says his position is in line with Catholic teachings: "The individual should be the one who decides whether he is in communion with the church, and if you are in communion with what the church teaches, then you have the right to receive Holy Communion."
A master of the nuanced response and a shrewd diplomat, McCarrick is hard to corner or define. People who know him say it is a mistake … More
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While "Uncle Ted" McCarrick's homosexual rape scandal rages and spreads to those he appointed, one of those he sponsored, "Goodnight baby" Cardinal Tobin of Newark, distracts us with – Global Warming!
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Collectively fell off their chairs laughing
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