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Cardinal Schönborn Celebrates Gay Lobby Liturgy

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 72, celebrates on December 1 a World AIDS Day liturgy. For the occasion the Mozart Requiem will be performed.

This "liturgy" is a political event bowing to the gay lobby. It is co-organized by “Life+”, the most influential gay propaganda organisation in Vienna. The group is headed by the homosexual Gery Keszler (54). It also organises the annual Vienna “Life Ball”, one of the biggest gay events in Europe which critics call “Death Ball”. Only in 2014 Schönborn described the “Life Ball” as “desolate” and a “pagan festival”.

Since then Keszler and Schönborn have become personal friends who meet for private dinners.

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De Profundis
It is said about "Life Ball" that there are in the end (between the days) naked gays lying around above each other.
One cannot see how singing the magnificent Mozart Requiem for all the dead victims of AIDS within a paraliturgical event for promoting Life, makes His Eminence 'pro-gay'. In his cathedral, His Eminence preached a splendid homily of pro-life issues the other weekend (the great feast of St Martin de Tours). Maybe news reporting in the above article needs to either be, 1. More comprehensive in … More