Francis' Mumbo-Jumbo Has "No Connection" to Paganism - Bishop Claims

He saw the idols venerated at last Friday's Vatican mumbo-jumbo before, Spanish-born Puerto Maldonado Bishop David Martínez O.P., 49, Peru, said at the October 7 Amazon Synod’s press conference.

Martínez is one of two Special Secretaries for Francis' Synod.

He explained that these idols mean "Mother Earth", “fertility," "women," and "life.” Martínez added, “I don’t think we need to create any connections with the Virgin Mary or with a pagan element.”

However, if this were true, why then was all the hocus-pocus around the idols necessary?


Sad just sad. This is a bISHOP and he does not know the faith.
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I like your intensely charitable and hopeful outlook  !. Genuine ignorance is far easier to correct than willful ignorance and spiritual blindness. O my Lord have mercy!
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In Chile we say: Jajajajajajaja. thanks Jim.
Bad philosophy makes bad theology
The world needs anther St Thomas Aquarius !
Pray for us
St. Thomas Aquinas sorry
I agree! I think they tend to prefer the "Nouvelle Theologie " and the Age of Aquarius though.
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