‘Give Them a Good Punch’

‘Give Them a Good Punch’: Pastor Says He Was Joking When He Told Parents to Hit Their Gay Kids

A North Carolina pastor is trying to temper the storm following controversy surrounding some recent comments he made about corporal punishment and homosexuality. Pastor Sean Harris says he was joking when he told parents to punch their sons if they show any signs they are gay.

According to The Fayetteville Observer, the faith leader made the comments when he was preaching at Berean Baptist Church about marriage before next week’s vote on a state constitutional amendment. The comments quickly made their way out into the blogosphere.
The Observer has more:

Harris’ comments spread rapidly Tuesday on the Internet after a snippet of his fiery 55-minute sermon was posted to several blogs.

In the clip, Harris berates parents who see boys dressing like girls without “squashing that like a cockroach.”

“Can I make it any clearer?” he yells on the recording. “Dads, the second you see that son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give them a good punch. OK?”

Laughter and a few shouts of “Amen” can be heard in response.

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