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U.S. Bishops Donate $240,000 to Promoters of Abortion, Homosexuality

The US bishops have supported the “Coalition on Homelessness” with 240,000 Dollars in four grants since 2010 and have announced to give more.

According to (October 23) the “Coalition on Homelessness” is very vocal about its support for the abortion network Planned Parenthood, birth control, homosexuality, transgenderism, prostitution and drug use.

One example of the Coalition's stances is this article’s cover photo taken from the Coalition's “celebrating LGBTQ love [fornication].”

umm.. Why oh why would they do that?
alex j
I had hoped that a number of Prelates, whom to date have demonstrated some push back against the tidal rush of homosexual ratification, via the so called Youth Synod. So far, only Africa has voiced opposition. It may be I have missed someone from North America. Certainly no Prelate from my Country, Australia has even hinted at any opposition. As for the German Prelates.......I'll not go further … More