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Irish Priest Removed For Preaching Against Abortion

Surprisingly, Father James Larkin of Clonskeagh, Dublin, has been removed from his parish duties. The news has still not been reported by Dublin archdiocese.

But several independent sources have written about the removal on social media. According to them, Larkin’s last parish mass was on July 13. It ended with standing ovation from the congregation.

According to this sources, the pretext for Larkin's removal was his stance against the Irish referendum legalizing abortion .

Picture: © National Party, CC BY, #newsMivbaqhulj
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Serf-like priests live at the whim of bad bishops, that's slavery.
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I guess that offended someone so they had to remove him. The removed Christ long time ago
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Was it a "good riddance" or "we are with you" ovation?
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The Curate is still listed for that parish, but the only source I could see was Michael Voris' I'd therefore withhold judgement.
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