Vatican Advertises Homosexual Ex-Monsignor

The official tweet account of the Peter's Pence, a collection taken each year in June, has used a photo showing the former Vatican Monsignor Krzystof Charamsa together with his gay partner. Charamsa outed himself in October 2015 as a practicing homosexual and furiously attacked the Church. The picture of two homosexuals had the following caption, "A Church on the way, with joy, listening to anxieties." It was removed after two hours.

Jean Sarthois
"Kosmos to raczej z greki niż rosyjskiego."
Tak, rzeczywiscie, j.rosyjski go widocznie stamtad zaczerpnal. Francuski ma l'Univers, j.polski ma wszechswiat ale jakos od czasu lotu Gagarina ten wyraz pojawia sie wszedzie, nawet u Benedykta XVI.
Skank writes: Where'd you get the picture? Hmm?

What does it matter? The picture is an unoriginal composite gathered from various photos in the public domain that is visually unclear and obviously hastily done. Care to comment substantively on the story itself or do you prefer to remain petulant and so identified?
Where'd you get the picture? Hmm?
sad beyond description.
Holy Cannoli
How in the world could this have happened in the first place?

Why take it down? Evidently $$$ trumps ideology.