Ex-Priest Becomes Episcopalian, Lives In Gay Liaison And Is Still Defender of the Bond At Catholic Tribunal

The ex-priest Jack Anderson resigned as a defender of the bond in Wilmington diocese, Delaware, USA, on September 16.

He quit one day after George Neumayr (, September 15) exposed his background. Anderson lapsed from the priesthood years ago and engaged in a gay pseudo-marriage with Ted Olson, also a former Wilmington priest, who became Episcopalian after 25 years in priestly ministry.

In May 2014 Anderson himself became an Episcopalian. Despite all of this, he worked for the Wilmington marriage tribunal. Responsible for this is Wilmington Bishop Francis Malooly, 75, who in 2008 gave Communion to the later pro-death U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden.

Anderson is a good friend of pro-gay Scranton Bishop Joseph Bambera, 63, who is mentioned as a possible successor of Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, 74.

Anderson and Bambera were friends since their days in seminary and they collaborated as priests. In 2012 Anderson challenged Bambera publicly to disclose his “personal position” regarding gay marriage. Neumayr insinuates that Anderson could “have something on Bambera.”

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In a nutshell, Anderson sat on a Catholic tribunal for over 20 years despite leaving the priesthood, entering a “gay marriage,” rejecting Catholicism in favor of Episcopalianism, and publicly opposing the Church’s teaching on marriage.
He needs to be jailed!!!!
Oops, I forgot Hell is also a jail cell,
Pray for him...
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