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Viganò Allegedly Threatens Vatican to Reveal More Documents

Whistle-blower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, fearing for his life, has activated a death switch, reports.

It writes on Twitter (September 12) that a cache of documents incriminating Curial Cardinals, bishops and Pope Francis himself will be revealed if Viganò winds up dead.

The claim of is not likely as the liberal Francis enjoys the protection of the anti-Church oligarchs and therefore has the possibility to execute Viganó through the oligarch media.

Picture: Carlo Maria Viganò, #newsEopqylxvop
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Gesù è con noi mentioned this post in Estudiante jesuita de la Universidad de Fordham apoya a Viganò y pide que Bergoglio renuncie.
Well then, for the good of the Church, I do hope he winds up dead if that’s the only means of releasing of the rest of the dossier. Sounds like a lot of bunkum! And Voris speak. Although a quick search on CMTV site revealed nothing.
Pope Albino Luciani, and all of us, pray for Cardinal Vigano...
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