June 25, 2015: Rome, Italy — Invitation to Conference at Rome to condemn the errors in 'Amoris Laetitia'

Veri Catholici, an international association of Catholics dedicated to opposing the errors promoted by Cardinal Kasper, is calling on all Catholics in the world to join us in Rome to condemn the document Amoris Laetitia and its many errors, and to demand from the Pope and Sacred Hierarchy that the document be withdrawn and its errors condemned, formally and canonically.

We desire this conference to be a universal manifestation of the true Sensus Fidelium of Christ’s Mystical Body. We believe it absolutely necessary to take this initiative for the good of Holy Mother Church and the salvation of souls.

If you would like to join this initiative, leave a comment below. In the coming days we will, announce further information, such as a rough date, and the organizations and speakers affiliating.

FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF DATE AND TIME: June 25, 2016, Rome, Italy…/alconf-internat…

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Iam all for it ,They should ask Cardinal Kasper to listen to the Truth and repent .