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Australian “Royal Commission” Engages in Anti-Celibacy Propaganda

An Australian “royal commission” report on the sexual abuse of minors has found that seven percent of priests who worked in Australia between 1950 and 2009 had an accusation of child sexual abuse …
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Jim Dorchak
What ever happened to the Secular Sacred Separation of Church and State?
Basically they equate celibacy with abuse of innocents.. The charges of none-celibacy are the real issue - many wicked governments fear the TRUE celibacy of the clergy and rain down insults and vilify the real men who live in fear of God and continue to live virtuous lives. not stepping outside the boundaries of what their chosen state permits.

Not one alteration is needed except to remove the "… More
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But the Vatican praises the Australia’s Royal Commission final report. Not a slight criticism....…/01933.html
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paul grech
It is indeed amazing how the so called royal commission fails to mention that the majority of abuse cases in relation to all institutions which came under scrutiny involved homosexuals. Is the commission afraid of being labelled homophobic by the stakeholders? Or is it the case that they do not want to offend the homosexual politicians in the circus which we call the parliaments in Australia?
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how much sexual abuse there is in governments around the world specially with politicians, and they are monstly married . Your royal commission is full of holes
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