Impenitent Communist Deputy Re-Admitted to Priesthood

The Italian Communist Eugenio Melandri, 71, has been re-admitted as a priest by the gay-activist and Bologna Neo-Cardinal Zuppi.

Melandri entered in 1974 the community of the Xaverians. In 1989 he was elected as a Communist EU deputy. This caused his dismissal from the clerical state.

At least he doesn’t play victim, “It is not true that the Church expelled me.” But, “I have made a choice and I knew that there would be consequences,” he told a local TV station.

Melandri was a Communist with the Proletarian Democracy when Christians were dying in Communist gulags.

In 1992 he was elected an Italian MP for Communist Refoundation, a party promoting hatred for religion, abortion, gay pseudo-marriage, mass-immigration, and the legalization of drugs.

In 2018 Melandri discovered that he suffered from pancreas cancer. He asked the Xaverians to be re-admitted and was accepted.

The same year, he participated with them at a Eucharist in Santa Marta. The Xaverians presented him to Francis as somebody who had left the priesthood but "always continued to work with us" and to do the "same things" he did before.

In November 2018 Melandri posted his photo with the dictator Fidel Castro. He has never repented his evil political past.

However, he wrote, “I don't know when I will return to celebrate the Eucharist. I want to spend some time praying and preparing myself to arrive as worthily as possible to this point".

Yep welcome all the wolves and remove all the true shepherds. Nothing new here!
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Bergoglio could only welcome a brother Communist.
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Like many before him, faced with his mortality, being void the promises and propositions of modernity, the apotheosis of man, the guy comes back.... sort of. His brothers in religion say they are communists... or they imply it. Maybe, he came at the eleventh hour and God wants us all to be saved: "where there was sin, grace overflowed..."... I hope...
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Something to remember when those "Help Retired Priests" fundraisers happen. Comrade Melandri returned to the priesthood for a.) Vatican-funded medical care b.) a comfortable Vatican-funded retirement home. All paid for by the well-intentioned, ever-gullible Faithful.
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Communist first. Priest and human last. Well at least he is trying.
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