Francis Says Whatever He Believes The Target Group Wants To Hear

Pope Francis told Polish pilgrims at the end of the March 14 General Audience that anyone who has committed a grave sin needs to receive absolution in the Sacrament of Reconciliaten before receiving …
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I guess the Polish pilgrims have more grave sins than the german pilgrims ????????
His worse crime may be refusing to tell them what they - on the margins - don't want to hear.
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@tearlach Another work of mercy, Instructing the Ignorant
We need to pray, fast and sacrifice for the Pope more and criticize less. That would really help. That's a physical and spiritual work of mercy which good and true Catholics are called to do, far from this we are pagan Catholics, no difference, we are called to preach the gospel with our example, not called to stone to death Mary Magdalene. God Bless. (Mat 5, and Mat 7)