Sister Cristina Admires Gaga For "Her Great Humanity"

Sister Cristina, an Ursuline nun who won Italy’s The Voice in 2014, confessed her admiration for Lady Gaga, "one of my favorite artists."

Talking to (February 19), she added, "What strikes me, and I mostly like of her, in addition to her extraordinary artistic skills, is the courage with which she shows her great humanity.”

For Sister Christina who recently performed Gaga’s “Born this Way” in the US Show “The World’s Best” (below), it would be an “honor” to meet Gaga.

Gaga has a net worth of $275 million, often dresses like a prostitute, calls herself bisexual, and favors gay fornication and the killing of unborn babies.

She has mocked Christ, his passion, religious symbols and modesty. Once, Gaga staged a washing of the feet of Judas.


Really, One of her favorite artist, how about she try sister Janet instead.
The satanic company she keeps:
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How can she admire ,someone who stands for things that are not from the light
The poor sister. She is on the road to hell and the crowds are cheering her
Pray for her, Hell is hot
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Pope Francis also admires Sr Cristina