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The Smoke of Satan Could Be Perceived in some Statements of the Synod Fathers

Talking to the Seminary of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X in Zaitzkofen, Germany, in February 2017, Dr Anca-Maria Cernea, a Romanian auditor at the Synod on the Family in 2015 recounted her experience.

Cernea was part of the English-speaking Group C, which she describes as the most progressive of all thirteen Synod groups, although "the revolutionaries" in this circle and in the Synod as a whole were a minority.

The moderator of Group C was Armagh Archbishop Eamon Martin. To the group belonged Washington Cardinal Wuerl, Wellington Cardinal Dew and the then Superior General of the Jesuits, Fr Adolfo Nicolas, all liberal relativists.

Cernea points out that the relator of her group, Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge, offered a manipulated presentation of the discussion in her group.

Although a minority, the liberal relativists dominated the discussion: "They had priority access to the media and also boasted to have the support of Francis." According to her almost all of ten relators of the Synod chosen by Francis, belonged to the "revolutionary minority".

Cernea describes the atmosphere at the Synod as "very tense" because of the discussions and of the Synod's lack of transparency.

The Instrumentum Laboris (working paper) was - to Cernea - "very bad". There was not enough time to turn it into a good document. For the discussion of the second part of the document, which contained most of the controversial points, only a few days were available.

As somebody who had lived under Communism and who had studied Marxism at school Cernea noticed, that the first part of the Instrumentum laboris used many analytic tools of Marxism. Almost all problems of the family were reduced to economic factors, "Unfortunately only a few synod fathers noticed this."

A big problem during the discussions was the language. Many participants had to speak in a foreign language and had trouble following the discussion. The draft of the final report was written in Italian only, although only a small part of the Synod fathers was fluent in this language. They had less than a day to study it and to make corrections.

Cernea points out that there was one point where the Western members of her group were not ready for any concessions: homosexuality. "They seemed to have decided beforehand, that it was imperative to mention the homosexuals in the document of the Synod on the Family, and that this should be done in a positive way."

When Cernea pointed out that the passage of the Catechism of the Catholic Church should be mentioned that says that homosexual acts are sinful, she was told to keep silent.

A ray of hope for Cernea was Archbishop Tomasz Peta of Astana, Kasachstan, who said quoting Paul VI, that in the statements of some synod fathers the smoke of Satan could be perceived.
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GJA Taylor
the smoke of satan under this pontificate is being openly invited into the city of God
And my dear faithful Bishop Peta, the 'smoke of Satan' is now BURNING DOWN THE TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST!!!!!!!
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AJPM mentioned this post in À Vatican II, ce fut pareil : terrifiant !!! Merci à Anca-Maria Cernea !.
Scary! This recalls the manipulations of Vatican II.