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Liberal Irish Church in Deep Troubles

Depression is “very common” among Irish priests according to a summary presented at a meeting of the Modernist Association of Catholic Priests in Athlone, Ireland. Concerns were also expressed about the number of priests committing suicide. The Irish Church has gone very liberal.

According to the Irish Times (November 8) Redemptorist Fr Gerry O’Connor said that there was “no tangible Church vision for the future” while priests “have enormous grief about disappearing faith communities.”

The relationship between bishops and priests had become “damaged and soured” with some priests feeling “bullied.” A major concern of priests was how the bishops treated those falsely accused of abuses.

Fr Tim Hazelwood, a victim of false accusations, said there was “no consistency” in how accused priests are treated: “Priests’ statutory rights are being denied”, he said. It was also “unjust that a priest is asked to stand down on the basis of an anonymous accusation.”

Picture: © William Murphy, CC BY-SA, #newsYuflcbuqav
Uncle Joe
But, the Irish faithful, and many of the rank and file priests remain, solid.
I suppose that would depend on how one defines “solid” and "many."

Currently (2016) the percentage of the Irish population that is Catholic is measured at 78%. In 1981 the number was 91%.
The once unquestioning reverence for the clergy which was a featu… More
Uncle Joe
"Upon what basis is the Irish Church judged liberal?"

The basis may have a little something to do with the squishy archbishop of Dublin.
After the gay marriage vote permitting homosexual marriage in 2015, Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin said:

We [the Church] have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial of the realities. We won't begin again with a sense of … More
Upon what basis is the Irish Church judged liberal?