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Liberal Irish Church in Deep Troubles

Depression is “very common” among Irish priests according to a summary presented at a meeting of the Modernist Association of Catholic Priests in Athlone, Ireland. Concerns were also expressed about…
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Uncle Joe
But, the Irish faithful, and many of the rank and file priests remain, solid.
I suppose that would depend on how one defines “solid” and "many."

Currently (2016) the percentage of the Irish population that is Catholic is measured at 78%. In 1981 the number was 91%.
The once unquestioning reverence for the clergy which was a featu… More
Uncle Joe
"Upon what basis is the Irish Church judged liberal?"

The basis may have a little something to do with the squishy archbishop of Dublin.
After the gay marriage vote permitting homosexual marriage in 2015, Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin said:

We [the Church] have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial of the realities. We won't begin again with a sense of … More
Upon what basis is the Irish Church judged liberal?