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Half of the Words of Jesus Are “Faked”

The German journalist and modernist Franz Alt, 79, believes “half of the words of Jesus” in the Gospels are wrongly translated or were deliberately faked. Alt said this in the context of Pope …
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I call you an awful lot of things - but "Catholic" is not one of them.

PS Cease describing yourself as "Catholic". Then you won't later be accused by the Lord of "bearing false witness"
The first bibles to be written were transcribed at the direction of the king. He paid to have them prepared. You can be sure that the words transcribed were chosen with care to make sure the king was not upset with the publication.

Look at the way our government works today. Every law that's put into service as to have the approval of elected officials that don't want to upset their main … More
What revolts me is that these people consider themselves catholics
another iluminato ,since the 1st century has been heretics like this one , trying to deceive people , resist and ,pray
Alt (aka god) has spoken. The Church knows nothings, Alt knows all.
Chesterton: "There are those who hate Christianity and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions."
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Jim Dorchak
Well 85% of the German Journalists are FAKE. Now that is the real story here.
Also 90% of all statistics are made up 85% of the time.
But that does not negate the observation, none the less, about the German Journalists!