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Anglicans Return to Catholic Tradition While Catholics Abandone It

While the Catholic Church is abandoning its Tradition turning its services into verbose, boring sessions, Anglican cathedrals in England recover their lost Catholic past.

Lincoln Cathedral, once dedicated to Our Lady, revived Marian processions for the day of its dedication.

On Saturday St Alban Cathedral attracted thousands to its Saint Alban’s pilgrimage although the Anglicans have dismantled the saint's shrine and abolished the veneration of saints. quotes Jeffrey John, the dean of St Alban: “We have returned to a very visual culture today and medieval practices suit that.”

The revival of traditions abandoned during the Reformation is highly appealing to many Anglican cathedrals also as a source of income.

Picture: © Adam Singer, CC BY-ND, #newsYarnvxacoi
Absolutely nothing new. The 'Anglo-Catholic' movement has been doing this for well over a century. Anglicans have been making pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham for almost as long. All that's new is that some Cathedrals (stolen from us, BTW) have realised it's a way to fleece the tourists of money. Money that is vital, since there aren't enough Church going, donating members of the CoE left to … More
Joseph a' Christian
Absolutely empty actions for themselves and satan, performed by a dead branch, not konnected to the Holy Vine, the Giver of Life Jesus.