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Josef Seifert: Francis Has “Rejected Christianity”, Turned God into a "Relativist"

The famous Austrian philosopher Josef Seifert has sharply criticized Pope Francis’ Abu Dhabi claim that pluralism and diversity of religions are "willed by God".

In an article published on (February 8) Seifert asks, "How can God will religions that deny Christ's divinity and resurrection?"

For Seifert Francis' statement "contains all heresies" and turns God into a relativist who "does not know" that there is only one truth and "does not care" whether men believe in truth or falsity.

He concludes that in his Abu Dhabi document Francis "rejected Christianity" and implies that God must hate the Catholic Church because it rejects any relativization of the Christian religion that would turn it into one of many contradictory religions.

Seifert asks Francis to recant his heresy,

"If he does not do this, I am afraid that Canon Law may apply according to which a Pope automatically loses his Petrine office when professing heresy, especially when he professes the sum-total of all heresies."

Full article: Grave Concerns About Pope Francis’ Abu Dhabi Document - By Professor Josef Seifert

#newsJeenivolsj mentioned this post in Cardinal Müller: Francis Is "No Heretic" - He Is "Orthodox”.
Self-appointed infallible Canon Lawyer and world's smartest Catholic in all the universe that has ever been - *DR!* Ed Peters! Boy-genius! - will be along shortly to explain to you lowly ignorant rubes that Pope Bergoglio is incapable of "heresy" because "material heresy" can't be proven here (or for that matter can't be proven in virtually anything in the Catholic Faith) as Divinely revealed … More
The biggest source of confusion in the Church today is Francis. The one person who is supposed to ensure clarity.
We are far beyond the time for this provision of Canon Law to kick in. He and his cartel need be disciplined and dispersed.
Please see the latest at Lifesite News website where Cardinal Muller has published a world wide Manifesto affirming the faith of ages and refuting the heresies that the Pope and others are promoting. He doesn't name names but it's obvious who he's 'correcting'. Also a petition in support of +Muller's Manifesto...please sign and pass along!!
His observations hit the nail directly on the head.
Pretend humble Francis is filled with pride. He'll never recant, at least it seems unlikely.
And just try and pry him out of that 'Chair' that he's disgracing and we will see all hell break loose.