Neo-Cardinal: Either Believe My Statements or Go to Hell

Rabat Neo-Cardinal Cristóbal López, Morocco, told (September 22) that Francis made him a cardinal for the sake of “inter-religious dialogue” and mass-immigration [not for supernatural reasons].

It is “very striking” for him that Venice, Milan, Paris do not have a cardinal but “Rabat does”. He concludes that the most recent group of cardinals is “very missionary” [although there is no evidence of missionary activity in Rabat Archdiocese].

López leads a bitter campaign in favor of mass-immigration into - what he calls - “Christian Europe.” Spanish-born López left Europe in 1984.

He lies that Europe has become an “inaccessible island”, although in 2017 more than 800’000 people received an EU-passport and 2,4 Million immigrants entered the EU alone [over 6500 a day]. Those who don't believe his lies, López threatens with hell.

He condemns the Spanish government for working for the good of Spain, calling this “nationalism” and complaining that Spanish politicians don’t do things “for the good of humanity” as if the the good of Spain and the good of humanity were mutually exclusive.

López leaves a strong impression that being a dumb leftwing ideologist is Francis’ main criterium for choosing cardinals.

The interview attracted a single comment by Juan IV, “If we go on like this, even the Holy Father in Rome will live among infidels.”

The headline should read: Rabiat Neo...
What a disaster!
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