Rector At Seminary Drinks Party: “Am I Gay?” – “Ask My Boyfriend!”

Father Dwight Longenecker mentioned on Twitter (June 9) the report of a seminarian in the United States. During the first evening at the seminary there was a party with drinks. The rector of the semi…
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Don't forget the other tweets and retweet by Fr. Longenecker that "the inmates (i.e., the sodomites and liberals) are still running the asylum (i.e., the seminaries)":

Report from a former seminarian, "I was rejected by three dioceses, a monastery, a religious order and seminary because I was 'too rigid'.

Report from a seminarian, "When some of us asked to use the chapel at night to pray the … More
- Am I apostate?
- Don't ask anyone. It's obvious.
The infestation of the seminaries continues. Nothing has really changed.