Catholic Saint Of September 14th: Saint Maternus of Cologne, Pray For Us!

“First known bishop of Cologne, in modern Germany. He was involved in the effort against the Donatist heretics and was asked by Emperor Constantine to hear charges against the Donatists in 313.

In a legend defended by St. Peter Canisius, Maternus is labeled a disciple of St. Peter and the son of the widow of Naim, resurrected to serve the faith once more. Maternus died at Trier, Germany, where it is believed he also served as a bishop at one time.” St. Maternus of Cologne

So this faithful Bishop, Saint and Disciple of Saint Peter himself died once, then was resurrected to serve the Faith once again, boy, how much do we need him and all the Saints and defenders of the Faith today!

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Please read about the First Synod of Sutri

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