Bishop Hails Martin Luther as “Mystic of Grace”

Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron writes on, that Alec Ryrie's book “Protestants” caused him to look differently at Martin Luther, “for at the core of Luther’s life and theology was an overwhelming experience of grace". He calls Luther’s “religious movement” a “love affair”. And, “Luther was a mystic of grace, someone who had fallen completely in love.”

In realty Luther was a drunkard, who called the Mass “the greatest and most terrible abomination” of all “papal idolatries” (Schmalkald Articles).

He said things like:

“Christ committed adultery first of all with the women at the well about whom St John tell’s us. Was not everybody about Him saying: ‘Whatever has He been doing with her?’ Secondly, with Mary Magdalen, and thirdly with the women taken in adultery whom He dismissed so lightly. Thus even, Christ who was so righteous, must have been guilty of fornication before He died.” (Tischreden, Weimarer Edition, Vol. 2, p. 107).

Or: “I have greater confidence in my wife and my pupils than I have in Christ” (Tischreden, 2397b).

Or: “It is not in opposition to the Holy Scriptures for a man to have several wives.” (De Wette, Vol. 2, p. 459).

Picture: Robert Barron, © Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, CC BY-NC , #newsEziyiaanon

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@Deblette @Abramo I bought this man's whole catholicism series. We attended a weekly discussion programme based on showing episodes of it at the London Oratory, where the beautifully filmed places of catholic interest formed a background for a good discussion. However, the fathers very wisely, only showed carefully selected parts of each and completely excluded episodes 6) A Body Both … More
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He's a sycophant hoping frankenpope will notice.
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@Deblette: I am sorry to tell you that your posting is slanderous. Here are the Barron quotes in context:

" There is always something protesting about Protestantism. But to see this dimension alone is to miss the heart of the matter. For at the core of Luther’s life and theology was an overwhelming experience of grace. After years of trying in vain to please God through heroic moral and … More
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One might wish to actually listen to what Bishop Barron said. Whoever posted this article, took two partial sentences out of an eight minute talk and placed them in a very twisted way to try to make Bishop Barron look like he is praising Luther. He didn't. This is the lowest form of fake news and it truly is a violation of the 9th commandment. Bearing false witness. A rule of thumb is that if … More
coco puffs
This is why you not ordain homosexuals, or worse, make them bishops. Homosexuality darkens the mind. Then you have stupid statements like this.
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Please bishop Barron, convert to Lutheranism if its so great.
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Dr Bobus
He has a group of videos named Catholicism. Maybe now he'll come out with Protestantism.
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Stupid nut job. Hes a jumped up twat with his own popularity. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.
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