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Burke: Does Francis Take the Dubia Cardinals for "Fools"?

The Dubia which Pope Francis refuses to answer, are "very fundamental questions", Cardinal Raymond Burke explained after his April 27 talk in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Burke commented, "If we Cardinals in reading the text [of Amoris Laetitia] had these serious questions - unless you take all four of us to be fools or stupid - these are questions that others have too."

The Cardinal refuted the strange argument of the Italian philosopher Rocco Buttiglione who claimed in his recent book that adulterers could be subjectively guiltless due to unusual circumstances.

Burke explained that such an argument can be made for an individual act but not for someone living in a state of mortal sin.

He pointed out that if some divorcees may enter a second union, "then marriage really isn't indissoluble".

Burke reminds that the Catholic teaching on marriage has been under attack throughout the Church's history. Nevertheless, "The Catholic Church is the only Church which has remained faithful to our Lord's teaching and rightly so."

Burke told the story of a priest in New York who in 2014 was approached by a Lutheran minister who said: "We gave up those teachings long ago but we always counted on the Catholic Church to uphold them."

Picture: Raymond Burke, #newsVvoxvmdtas

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Yes Sunamis 46, he surely thinks we are 'fools'.
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Sunamis 46
The question is: does francis take the catholics for fools?
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Holy Cannoli
An interesting idea came to me while I was listening to Cardinal Burke speak. He must know that love marriages (as opposed to arranged marriages) have an unusually high rate of failure with some studies saying that today approximately ½ of marriages end in failure.

Some are now advocating that priests be permitted to marry (we need more priests and a married priesthood seems like a quickie fix).… More
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