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German Bishops Exploit Abuse Hoax to Ask for Abrogation of Priestly Celibacy

The German bishops started on November 20 several programs as a consequence of their flawed abuse study that lists acquittals as convictions and unspecified “improper behaviour” as sexual abuse.

The programs concern file management, independent contact points for alleged victims, and an improved way of compensating them.

Further, the bishops - whose seminaries and parishes are drying up because of the their modernist decadence - discussed celibacy and sexuality. They plan to establish together with "experts" a strategy regarding these topics that should be ready for their next meeting.

It is an open secret that the ultimate goal of this hiding behind "experts" strategy will be to ask for abolishing priestly celibacy.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsXvcuvzgsdm
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alex j
The S.S.- Sodomite Supporters--are at it again. This is not good.
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After the Germans ditch celibacy, next is married priests, 1st in Brasil then Germany et al. Cardinal Marx is the puppet-master.
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At the time of the Old Covenant emple Ministry - It is known that Priest's Married. What is NOT Known is WHY?

During the O/T Covenant times, There was no shortage of Priests to minister in the Temple, and consequently the time of actual Priestly Ministry of each Priest was rare. Look at the Temple Rota - each Priest's period of active Ministry was just a brief period every couple of years. Once … More
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Now look men......Do you want to be

a) Celibate and to stand forever before the throne of God along with the OTHER male, virgin, celibates found in Apoc. 14.....?

OR do you want to be......

b) married to a wife?
c) An abuser of mankind?

Choose what it is you wish to be Sirs, but don't enter Christ's CELIBATE Priesthood, take vows of Celibacy, intending to BREAK YOUR SACRED OATH, as a means … More
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Normal men who willingly take vows of celibacy don't suddenly start craving boys and young men. I thought the official reason for the presence of countless perverts in the priesthood was "clericalism?" Is it now the vow of celibacy? I'll answer the question for Marx and his boss: it is neither. The reason is very simple: sodomites being ordained.

Also, it appears Marx should probably skip a meal… More
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