Cardinal Schönborn Turns His Cathedral into Disco

Vienna Cathedral was on October 5 the scene of a crude disco spectacle - officially labeled an "ecumenical prayer" - with musicians jumping up and down in the presbytery (video below). The English-…
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Look at the faces of modern bishops. Here is bishop Marton Aaron of Hungary - enemy of the Communists.
These subversive homosexuals, are taunting the faithful. They hate our Lord Jesus, they are vain,
Jesus Is Holy.
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angry bob
Don't know how much of this I can take. Christ certainly isn't here
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Wow! The abomination of desolation!
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They embrace Evangelical Pentecostalism.
Lord have mercy!
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Please pray for the cleansing of the church from Truth and gospel deceivers
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looks like the return of the orgiastic worship of Astarte......... syncretistic religion and all that.... then, the fall.......... nothing new under the sun until The Son returns......... sigh
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...just take it outside. Simple.